We help make your marketing function a revenue making engine

Hold hands with us to use marketing to generate, capture, and convert demand for your B2B business

Our story

Skalegrow was founded in 2022 with the aim to primarily address two key challenges in the B2B space when it comes to outsourcing marketing activities:

  • The lack of quality of services offered by marketing agencies
  • The misalignment of marketing activities with organizational level goals

Skalegrow aims to address these challenges by disrupting the age-old agency model by adhering to high quality standards and taking a consultative approach to marketing. We strongly believe that it is better to underpromise and overdeliver than to overpromise and not meet client expectations.

We move against the traditional notion of ‘fake it until you make it’. In fact, we live by the opposite – never fake it if you can’t make it.


To help B2B marketing teams transform marketing into a business-critical function


To enable B2B companies to leverage marketing to grow their business

Our values

Grow ethically

In a world where ‘growing at any cost’ is a norm, we wish to be different by wanting to ‘grow the right way’

Be compassionate

We practice compassion, especially when it matters. So we try our best to understand what our people, customers, and partners go through.

Strive to make a difference

Making a difference for us is not just about helping customers. It’s more about helping the person to the right and to the left of us

Independence at work

Every employee is his/her own boss. We treat people like adults. We don’t micromanage, but only look at the outcomes

Give first, then ask

Whether it’s customers, partners, or our own people, we intend to add value to them first, and then expect something in return

Practice what we preach

We want to live by every bit we say – when it comes to company culture, client promises, or our values

Our team

Naseef KPO

Founder and CEO

Rajesh Srinivasan


Chaithra MJ

Content Lead