Terms and conditions

1. Introduction

The terms and conditions detailed on this page are intended to govern the relationship between Skalegrow Private Limited and its website users. These clauses apply to all users and parties using the company’s website.

2. Terms of service

This website is governed by the guidelines mentioned on this page and the Privacy Policy page. Users are recommended to go through them before consuming content or using any service on the website.

3. Acknowledgement 

By accessing and using the website, all users agree to the guidelines mentioned on this page as well as the Privacy Policy page.

4. Usage of material and copyright

Skalegrow holds the complete ownership of all materials (either gated or ungated) given on the website and no user shall have the permission to reproduce it. Users are allowed to download materials only for personal and non-commercial purposes. As per this license and permission, users do not have the right to:

  • Copy or make changes to any of the materials
  • Sell them directly or indirectly in any manner
  • Remove the copyright or whitelabel any item on the website
  • Host or distribute the content on any other website or platform
  • Act as the owner or transfer the ownership to a third party

Violating any of these rules will lead to users losing the right to consume the content in any form.

5. Limitation of Liability 

Skalegrow or its partners will not be responsible for the misuse of any of its assets or materials by a third party. The company is not accountable for such items and activities including (and not limited to):

  • The accuracy and reliability of the use of material on its website
  • The credibility of any user-generated content based on (or using) Skalegrow’s content
  • Any other malicious activity carried out using Skalegrow’s materials or assets

It is to be noted that Skalegrow will not be responsible for any such misuse even if the company or its authorized partners are informed of the conduct. Also, all the materials on Skalegrow’s website are provided “as is”. The company makes no warranties, may it be expressed or implied. 

6. Revisions and errata

Skalegrow does not guarantee the 100% accuracy of the content or materials given on the website. These include inaccurate facts & figures, typographical or technical errors, incomplete information, etc. 

7. Intellectual property ownership

As it should be understood, Skalegrow Private Limited owns all the intellectual property associated with the business. These include trademarks, copyrights, logos, or any other assets owned by the business. 

8. Our privacy policy

You may read our company privacy policy here

9. Consequences of non-compliance

In addition to denying the ability to use our materials and assets, failing to comply with Skalegrow’s terms and conditions could lead to potential legal actions depending on the severity of the act. 

10. Limitation of Liability 

Skalegrow has not audited the content of any site that links to its website, and hence is not responsible for the quality or nature of those sites 

11. Changes to terms and conditions

Skalegrow holds the right to make any changes to its terms and conditions and may make necessary modifications as the business demands. 

12. Governing law

Any claim related to Skalegrow website shall be governed by the laws of India without regards to its conflict of law provisions.