7 B2B Video Marketing Trends For The Future

This is the fourth among the series of articles where we cover the different trends that will shape the future of B2B marketing in 2024 and beyond. If you haven’t checked out the previous articles in the series, I highly recommend you do. Here are the links:




B2B Video Marketing – an important growth lever

According to Wyzowl, 92% of marketers believe that video is an important part of their marketing strategy. Also, according to Buffer, 3X the visitors come to websites with videos. In addition, with attention spans decreasing, highly visual content is becoming all the more important.

While videos have been a thing in the B2C world for a long time, the B2B world still lags when it comes to leveraging videos to promote their business or brand. This can be seen as an opportunity for late adopters. If you haven’t actively invested in video marketing yet, this is the time to start.


B2B video marketing trends that will define the future

The developments in technology have made video production much easier. Anyone with a mobile phone camera and a decent microphone today can produce good videos. While a professional studio setup can help, that is not necessary anymore to create high-quality videos.

In this article, we will look at a few trends that I think will redefine the future of B2B video marketing.

Following are the trends we will cover:

  1. Automated video creation using AI
  2. Video emails
  3. Personalized videos
  4. Short-form videos
  5. Live streaming
  6. Video repurposing using AI
  7. Videos assisting sales


1. Automated video creation using AI

One of the technological developments that has surprised me in the recent past is the rise of AI-based video generation tools like Synthesia and Flexclip. These tools help you create videos using AI avatars where you can convert a script into fully finished videos by adding background music and animations.

Check out the below video from Synthesia that demonstrates how the tool works:

Some of the other tools using which you can create AI-generated videos are:

AI video creation is expected to pick up in 2024. They are an excellent way to create videos in a few minutes instead of days, especially internal training videos. This is because getting someone to deliver content for internal videos that are usually not high stake is extremely challenging in many organizations. AI video generators can easily solve this problem.

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2. Video emails

Winning with email marketing is tough today. Every key decision maker in a company receives hundreds of marketing emails a year. There is so much noise out there. Video emails can be an effective tool here to stand out among the crowd. Tools like Bonjoro make it easy for you.

Watch the below video from Bonjoro to learn how video emailing works:

Using a tool for video emailing makes the experience seamless for creators. In addition, a tool will give you all the necessary analytics required to further refine your content in one place.

3. Personalized videos – a promising B2B video marketing trend

While text personalization has been popular in emails for a while, not many are aware that it is possible to create and share personalized videos at scale. Check out Hippo Video for example. Using the tool, you can send custom emails based on the recipient’s product usage.

Another tool that can do this is Pirsonal. Watch the below video to learn more about the tool:

4. Short-form videos for B2B video marketing

There is no surprise why short-form videos are ruling the world now. According to a study by Gloria Mark, the average attention span has reduced to 47 seconds today from 75 seconds in 2012. While it was TikTok that started the short-form video revolution, YouTube and Instagram followed.

Now, will short-form video really be a thing in the B2B world?

Well, the answer is, we will have to wait and see.

But we have already started seeing signals in that direction with many large brands like HubSpot creating short-form videos. After all, human psychology works the same way irrespective of whether you are targeting end consumers or business professionals.

5. Live streaming – a B2B video marketing trend that will stay

Whenever a social media platform introduces a new feature, it gives a push to it for a while. LinkedIn Live is a great example of this. You can do live streaming on platforms like YouTube and Facebook too.

When multiple platforms adopt a feature, it is a signal of something stable and it could potentially stay on the trendwheel for long. This is why tools like Restream and StreamYard have emerged using which you can simultaneously stream on multiple platforms.

Here is a video from Restream that explains how you can make the best out of the platform:

Given that live sessions and webinars are one of the best ways to establish yourself as a thought leader in your space, live streaming will continue to be a trend in 2024. In fact, since not a lot of B2B companies are doing it currently, the competition is less, and this is the time to take advantage of it.

6. Video repurposing  – an AI-based B2B video marketing trend

Apart from AI-based video generation, another cool use case of AI in video marketing is video repurposing using automated transcription. This works particularly well for long-form videos such as live streams and webinars.

This is how it works.

Once you have completed hosting the live session or webinar, upload the content into an AI transcription tool like Veed. Using the subtitle generation feature of the tool, convert the audio of the video into text.

Next, go ahead and tweak the text to convert it into a blog post, social media posts, or newsletter editions.

This way, you get multiple content pieces from a single video or webinar. This is one of the cool use cases where AI helps to easily scale your content creation efforts.

7. Videos assisting in sales

In B2B, it is mostly SaaS companies that have been using videos as a tool to sell their products. However, this trend is likely to expand to other industries including niche ones. Examples of industries that could adopt this fast in 2024 include:

  • IT
  • Embedded systems and hardware solution providers
  • Data analytics and machine learning companies
  • UI/UX companies

Marketing has a key role to play here by creating the right content to enable sales to do content-led selling.

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Final words about B2B video marketing trends

Videos are only going to get bigger in 2024. Whether you sell a product or a service, if you are not using videos to tell your story, you will miss the ‘growth bus.’ However, creating videos can be overwhelming. But we got you covered. Video marketing is one of Skalegrow’s core services. Some of our differentiators when it comes to video marketing include:

  • The ability to understand our customers’ business as they do.
  • A well-designed video creation framework with stages such as planning, scripting, adding adding voiceovers, editing, etc.
  • Quick turnaround times with videos delivered in as little as 1 week (this heavily depends on the type of video).
  • We also help with optimizing your videos for YouTube and Google SEO.
  • We can manage your YouTube channel by creating related content items like titles, descriptions, thumbnails, hashtags, etc.

Visit our video marketing services page for more details, or write to us at info@skalegrow.com.


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