5 B2B Email Marketing Hacks You Should Try In 2024

Though newer tactics and tools have emerged in the marketing and lead generation space in the last few years. email marketing remains one of the best ROI generating channels for most businesses. This is primarily because the channel offers the following advantages:

  • It is one of the fastest ways to directly reach your prospects and customers.
  • Email is seen as many by a serious method of communication and hence grabs relatively higher attention.
  • People keep their professional email open throughout their working hours. This ensures that the recipient is active on the other side whenever you send out your campaigns.

With these advantages, email marketing is a great short-term marketing channel that can help generate some quick wins, given you do it right.

In this article, we look at 5 unique hacks that will help you improve the results of your B2B email marketing campaigns.


B2B email marketing best practices

Before we look at the hacks, let us first learn a few best practices you need to follow when it comes to B2B email marketing:
  • Make sure your email list is compliant with data privacy laws like the GDPR, CCPA, CASL, etc.
  • Keep the content relevant to your recipients. If needed, segment your audience based on their firmographic and demographic characteristics.
  • For tracking purposes, make sure you add the right UTM parameters to the links embedded in the email content.
  • Don’t send too many emails to the same audience within a short period. There is nothing like an ideal when it comes to the number of emails you can send. But it is recommended to keep it to 2 or fewer per week.


B2B email marketing hacks you should explore

Below are the hacks we will be covering in this article:

5 B2B email marketing hacks

5 email B2B marketing hacks

  1. Email signature marketing
  2. Interactive emails
  3. Video emailing platforms
  4. Personalized outbound email campaigns
  5. Learn from your competition

1. Email signature marketing

Email signature marketing involves promoting a piece of content or event in email signatures. This is particularly effective in companies with a lot of employees. If your organization has many outgoing emails on a daily basis, it is a great idea to use your employees’ signatures to promote:

  • Social media handles
  • An upcoming event or webinar
  • A recent product or solution launch
  • An ebook or whitepaper
  • Case studies

The possibilities are endless. While you can do promotions by inserting ordinary links. it is recommended to use email signature marketing tools like Terminus Email Experiences, Mailtastic, Opensense, Newoldstamp, or Xink.

Check out the below video from Terminus to see how email signature marketing works.

2. Interactive emails

Interactive emails are an excellent way to stand out among the crowd. They include interactive elements like accordions. sliders, carousels, etc. Some of the advantages of interactive emails include:

  • Higher engagement and conversions
  • A better visual experience for the recipients
  • Helps to stand out among hundreds of emails a person gets in a month

Interactive emails can be created by custom coding them using HTML. However, you need to make sure that email clients support the different interactive elements you include in your email campaigns.

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3. Video emailing platforms

Text and image-based posts are boring. But video emailing platforms like Bonjoro, Lemlist, and Hippo Video help you offer a unique email experience, thereby improving your chances of getting responses or engagement.

Watch the below video from Bonjoro to understand how video emailing works:

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4. Personalized outbound email campaigns

To most B2B marketers, personalization in email marketing is just about dynamically changing the recipient’s name or company name in the email copy. However, that type of personalization doesn’t help you to differentiate yourself from others anymore. You need to go one step further to deeply understand your prospects and write emails as if they are written 1-on-1.

This is what you need to do.

  1. Select a list of highly relevant target accounts (should not be more than 200 to 250) and contacts.
  2. Have your SDR (Sales Development Representatives) do in-depth research about each contact by looking up their LinkedIn profile and online presence.
  3. Consolidate all the information.
  4. Write the first email as a 1-on-1 email that is highly personalized with mention of something that you could have only known if you had done deep research on the person.
  5. Once you send out the first email, you can then add the recipients to an automated cadence.

Doing email campaigns this way helps you to personalize your content beyond just the name of the recipient. You are also automating a part of the process, thereby saving time. The only limitations here are that you can select only a limited number of target accounts and should have a large enough SDR team to handle such a volume of work.

5. Learn from your competition – a sneaky B2B email marketing hack

Have you ever wondered how to spy on your competitors’ email campaigns? Well, one way to do it is to use a personal email ID to subscribe to their email list. However, using an ordinary email ID will require you to do the analysis manually. In addition, that will not give you the necessary insights at a consolidated level.

This is where a platform like SendView can help. It is an email monitoring and tracking tool that will give you key insights into various aspects of your competitors’ email campaigns such as:

  • The number of emails they send in a specific period
  • The most frequent phrases used in the subject line
  • The email service provider they are using

The beauty of the tool is that it generates a custom email ID for you using which you can sign up on competitors’ websites. All the emails to that ID can be viewed within the SendView interface. Since you are not using your personal email ID, your privacy is also protected.


Final words about B2B email marketing hacks

Email marketing is one of the most powerful channels in B2B marketing. If you are not using it yet to generate leads and build brand awareness, this is the time to start. You will have to subscribe to a B2B database like ZoomInfo or Apollo in order to obtain the accounts and contact data required for sending email campaigns to new prospects.

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