Automated Video Generation – The Future Of Video Marketing

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Many early-stage companies don’t invest in video marketing because of resource and time constraints. While the sudden developments in mobile camera technology have made video creation easier, things haven’t changed much in the B2B world.

This is because video creation involves multiple steps such as scripting, shooting, adding a voice-over, editing, etc. Moreover, getting someone to deliver content in front of a camera is challenging for various reasons.

AI-based automated video creation can solve all these problems. In this article, we do a deep dive into how artificial intelligence is making waves in the marketing world by automating the process of video creation.

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What is automated video generation?

Automated video generation as a term can take different meanings. Broadly speaking, they can be categorized into two:

  1. Converting long-form content into videos
  2. Converting a video script into a video where real people deliver the content

Both techniques use artificial intelligence to output the final video. However, there are some major differences. Let us dig into the details now.

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1. Converting long-form content into videos

This involves converting something like an article or blog post into a professional-looking video. The tools that can do this analyze the text content you upload to identify the key pointers in it and convert them into ‘slideshow-like’ videos.

Examples of tools that can do this are Lumen5, InVideo, and Rocketium.

To understand this concept better, please have a look at the below video that explains how to use InVideo to convert a blog post into a video.

Some of these tools also have templates specifically for various platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

While these tools make content repurposing easier, they do have some limitations such as:

  • The automated videos you create work best for listicle-type content
  • Though they look professional, they are still not as good as the ones you create using a video editing tool like Adobe Premiere or Flexclip.
  • And more dangerously, they could sometimes read and interpret the content you upload wrongly, which calls for some manual intervention.

Despite all these, given that these tools have many ready-to-use templates and styles, they are huge time savers, especially if you are not looking to create super high-quality content (quality from a content standpoint, and not the video resolution).

2. Converting a script into a video where real people deliver the content

This is where video creation gets really cool. This type of automated video generation makes the process as easy as it can get, wherein you simply upload a script, and within a click of a button and a few minutes, you have a beautiful video where a real person delivers the content.

These are characters created based on real people from different ethnicities to match your requirements. And you can do this in multiple languages in addition to English such as German, French, Spanish, and even Hindi.

Where it gets even cooler is when you can do this with any person you want – it can be a company employee or an external person of your choice. All you have to do is upload a sample video of the person speaking. The tool makes use of AI to decode the person’s voice and mannerisms and replicates them every time you create a new video with him/her.

Next, let us look at a couple of tools that can do this.

1. Synthesia – video generation tool for businesses

Synthesia helps you automatically create videos with real people in a matter of minutes. You can choose from a predefined set of people, or create a video with your own custom avatar.

Let the below video do the talking as to how cool the tool is:

A tool like this is perfectly suited for explainer videos, tutorials, lessons, personalized video messages, and more. It eliminates the need for having heavy equipment or a video editor to create stunning and professional videos that look ‘human’.

2. Rephrase AI – a new-age video generation tool

The technology behind making this kind of video generation possible is itself new, and so are the companies that offer such solutions. Rephrase AI, similar to Synthesia, is an AI-based video creation platform that can create talking head videos with lightning speed. This tool also offers you the ability to create videos with different characters, languages, speaking tones, etc.

Jump into the video below to see Rephrase AI in action:

A couple of other tools that can automatically create video from a script are HeyGen and Typecast.


Limitations of AI-based video generation platforms

Okay, so we got all excited about this till now. But, what are the limitations of this type of video automation platform?

Here are a few I could identify:

  1. Though the creators of these tools have done a good job of making the output as natural as possible, they are still a bit far from perfection (this doesn’t make them any less useful though).
  2. There might be a compliance-related challenge here. First of all, if you are planning to create a custom avatar for any of your employees, make sure you have his/her written consent. You could also think of weaving this into your employment contract to be a bit safer.
  3. Given that the output from these tools is not perfect, viewers might still identify it as an automatically created video. This could in turn affect your brand value. So if you are a large brand and are cautious about your brand image, you might want to think twice before you onboard a Synthesia or Rephrase AI.
  4. Last but not least, they tend to be expensive (of course, a tool like this deserves to charge a premium, doesn’t it? 😀).

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Closing words about AI-based video generation

AI-based automated video generation platforms are definitely COOL. They are fun to play with. And for sure they ease the process of video creation significantly. But make sure to evaluate them in terms of cost, utilization, compliance, need, etc, before you onboard an AI-based video creation platform.


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